About Roller Derby

The Game and the Glossary

We skate under the rules of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.  A game is called a bout and five skaters from each team are allowed on the track at once. Skaters move in a counter-clockwise direction.



Roller Derby 101 by Snarker Posey, McLean County MissFits is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

: Jammers score points by passing members of the opposite team, while in bounds, on their second pass through the pack and every pass thereafter. Look for the star on the helmet.

Blockers: The group of skaters that HIT to try and help their jammer and stop the opposing jammer.

Pivots: They are the lead blockers. They wear a striped helmet cover. They set the pace for the pack and are the last line of defence against the opposing jammer.

The Pack: The group of blockers –  4 from each team. They start to skate on the first whistle. Blockers try to keep the opposing jammer from getting through while simultaneously trying to help their own jammer.

Lead Jammer: The first jammer to emerge from the pack while staying in bounds and without fouling.  This jammer has the strategic advantage to call off the jam early.

Jam: Lasts for 2 minutes or until called off by the lead jammer.

Grand Slam: A jammer can earn 5 points in a scoring pass by lapping the opposing jammer.

Sin Bin:  This is the penalty box. There is room for two blockers and one jammer from each team.

Booty Blocking:  This is a passive form of blocking done with a blocker’s derriere.


common ref signals

Common Ref Signals © Stephanie Schairer. Image from royalcityrollergirls.com

How to Get the Most Out of Watching

Enjoy the Hitting:  Watch for those big hits and big falls!

Watch the Jammers:  They score the points and are the ones who get hit most often.  They are fast and agile.

Watch the Pack:  This is where the strategy is.  Watch who drops back and who moves forward. Watch how the pack speeds up and slows down depending on where the jammers are.

Watch the Referees:  A good ref is part of the action. Pack refs follow the pack and call penalties. Jam refs follow the jammers and signal points after each scoring pass.


Watch Bouts Online:

Derby News Network www.derbynewsnetwork.com

Canuck Derby TV www.canuckderbytv.com



Watch Us!:

Here is our team in action…a blast from the past: